The Adams Manufacturing Company was founded in 1945 by Sidney Schonberger. The first products manufactured were gas conversion burners and they are still a very important part of the product mix. A furnace or boiler fired with coal or fuel oil can be converted to gas with the installation of an Adams Speedflame Gas Conversion Burner.

Mr. Schonberger passed away in 1960. His widow, Catherine Schonberger, became the president in 1960. Their son, Marty, came to work for the company after college in 1964. After working in all phases of production, engineering, and sales, Marty Schonberger, became the president in 1979.

In 1964, the company began manufacturing Cleanaire Electronic Air Cleaners for residential and commercial use. This was followed by the purchase of the Humidaire Corporation of Chicago in 1984. Humidaire was one of the largest manufacturers of humidifiers in the country. Under the Humidaire brand name, we produce a complete line of humidifiers.

Adams purchased the INTERburner assets from the Sloan Valve Company in 1986. INTERburner is the quietest and most efficient oil burner available. In 1988 the assets of Magic Chef's gas fired unit heater business were purchased.

The assets of the long established Cleveland, Ohio furnace manufacturer, Dornback Furnace and Foundry Company, were purchased in 1992. This company was founded in 1907. In order to manufacture Dornback's furnace line, the Adams production facilities were increased to 75,000 square feet. Adams offers a complete line of oil and gas furnaces.

Home-gard high efficiency media type air cleaners were added to the product line in 1994. Uni-pak compact low profile gas unit heaters were added in 1999. These products were followed by the Sunheat low intensity tube-type infra-red heater in 2000. High intensity infra-red heaters were added in 2001.

In 2003, we designed a new power gas burner with capacities from 50,000 to 850,000 B.T.U. Also, in 2003, we received a grant from the National Oil Research Alliance, (N.O.R.A.), for the development of a condensing oil fired furnace. The project was completed ahead of schedule and we now manufacture the "World's Most Efficient Furnace" with models over 99% efficiency. In 2004, we have completed the design of a condensing oil fired unit heater with efficiencies as high as 99%.

Today, Marty Schonberger Sr. is still president and was joined by his wife, Ruth, vice president in 1980, son Marty Jr., vice president in 1993 and daughter, Sydney, accounting, in 1995.